Over 76 million homes in the United States are built over a crawl space, an open area underneath the property that is built just high enough for someone to enter on their hands and knees. They’re a way to access certain parts of your home’s electrical system, as well as your plumbing, ductwork, and HVAC systems. A well-maintained crawl space is key to keeping your house running smoothly, which is why crawl space cleaning and encapsulation are so important.

Your crawl space is an important part of pest prevention and ensuring the indoor air quality in your home is good. It also makes finding plumbing and HVAC problems a little easier for homeowners and home service professionals. But what kind of crawl space services do homeowners need, and how can ABA HVAC and Home Solutions help?

Crawlspace Insulation

Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation plays a big part in the ventilation that keeps your house comfortable throughout the seasons. Like your attic, your crawl space will also benefit from quality insulation.

Crawl Space Repair

A damaged crawl space can lead to structural and foundational issues in your home. If you notice a problem, it’s important to get professionals to inspect your crawl space and perform repairs as soon as possible.

Crawl Space Drainage

Crawl Space Drainage

Mold, wood rot, and pests cause billions of dollars in home repairs every year. One of the easiest ways to prevent costly repairs is to ensure you have a crawl space drainage system in place.

Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor Barrier Installation

What is a vapor barrier? There are many forms but most commonly it is plastic sheeting that protects your crawl space from excess moisture evaporating from the dirt floor.

Mold Mildew Removal

Mold & Mildew Removal

Moisture and mild temperatures create a perfect environment for mold to grow, especially in areas like crawl spaces. It threatens the structural integrity of homes and poses health risks.

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What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation & Why Is It Important?

Crawl space moisture is best remedied through encapsulation, which prevents evaporated moisture from entering the area. While some think of this as a DIY job, the truth is it’s much better to leave crawl space encapsulation to a professional. It’s a very precise procedure and if your encapsulation is not airtight it’s easy for its moisture to seep in and cause further damage.

The experts at ABA HVAC and Home Solutions know how to remedy any excess moisture in your crawl space before sealing it off for the long term.

Crawl Space Services

Why Should You Consider a Vapor Barrier Installation?

vapor barrier is an alternative to encapsulation for preventing moisture in your crawl space. Many homeowners choose to install one to help prevent water damage and the growth of mold. Vapor barriers and encapsulation can lower heating and cooling costs, protect your home from structural damage, and even reduce the risk of pest infestations. Those are only some of the many benefits of crawl space encapsulation.

Why Is Crawl Space Mold & Mildew Removal Important?

Most crawl space issues can be traced back to excess moisture, and mold and mildew are no exceptions. The ideal amount of humidity in the area is 30%-50%, and any less than that can potentially dry out the wood and weaken structural integrity. Through crawl space services like dehumidification, encapsulation, and vapor barriers, you can prevent mildew and mold, but what are you supposed to do if it’s already started growing?

Crawl space mold and mildew removal is crucial because these contaminants not only compromise indoor air quality but also pose health risks to occupants and can accelerate structural damage; ABA HVAC and Home Solutions is your trusted local expert in crawl space mold and mildew remediation, offering specialized services to restore your crawl space to a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

In addition to evaporation, moisture in the crawl space can build up through:

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Drainage Issues
  • Old or damaged vents
  • Wet Insulation 

Crawl Space Drainage Solutions

Crawl space drainage is a critical component of maintaining a healthy and dry crawl space environment. Proper drainage systems prevent water accumulation, which can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and other issues.

Effective drainage solutions, such as French drains or sump pumps, ensure that excess moisture is efficiently directed away from the crawl space, safeguarding your home from potential water-related problems and preserving its structural integrity. Proper crawl space insulation and encapsulation can help prevent this issue from happening in the first place.

Crawl Space Cleaning And Insulation Service

Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation offers numerous benefits for your property, including temperature regulation that reduces energy expenses and enhances HVAC system efficiency. If you’ve been experiencing rising energy bills, reach out to us for a complimentary consultation. With various insulation options available, each with its advantages and drawbacks, the team at ABA HVAC and Home Services has a solution for you. We’re the trusted experts in crawl space insulation and we’re ready to deliver insulation installation tailored to your property’s specific needs.

Crawl Space Cleaning & Encapsulation Specialists in Southwest Washington

ABA HVAC and Home Services doesn’t mess around when it comes to the integrity and functionality of your home. They say work smarter, not harder, but the members of our team hold both qualities in equal regard. With every job we do we educate our clients, answering any questions they may need to ask to feel more empowered living in their home. Contact ABA HVAC and Home Solutions today to speak with a crawl space specialist today.

We’re proud to offer the following services: 

  • Crawl space cleaning (including mold & mildew removal)
  • Crawl space encapsulation (including vapor barrier installation)
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space drainage
  • Crawl space repair 
  • And much more!