Pricing is determined by the square footage of your home. We open and clean every supply and return duct, with the unique Air Wave system . This system uses the thrust from the furnace in addition to our professional grade vacuum, along with a special ball that uses compressed air traveling through the duct, hitting and releasing all dust and debris and pulling it to our vacuum.

*Some vents will not be able to get cleaned, if there is no reasonable access to open it.

Air Duct Cleaning

Starting at $229

Under 1,500 sq ft. = $229
1,501-2,000 sq ft. = $279
2,001-2,500 sq. ft. = $379
2,501-3,000 sq. ft. = $425

Over 3000sqf – starts at $495 *Contact our office directly for exact pricing over the phone!

Furnace Cleaning & Tune-Up


Inspect heating elements
Cleaning of the burners
Air handler and blower motor

Home Energy Loss Test

$99 – $139

$99 for homes up to 2500sqf
$139 for homes 2500sqf – 5000sqf

We conduct our energy loss testing (also known as energy audits) using a high-end FLIR thermal camera that can detect any loss of energy in the ducts, around windows and attics or floors. Those energy loss inspections are designed to inspect any heat or cool loss from your ducts, furnace, walls (from lack of insulation), around your doors and windows

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Complete cleaning of the dryer duct
Release all debris and lint
$40 fee will apply to 2nd level outlets
*Roof outlets sometimes will not be able to get done.